2018 Bull SaleMarch 17th 1pm

“Seedstock Producers with a Commercial Focus”

Welcome to Janssen Red Angus! Take a look through our website to check out our bull and heifer programs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or stop by anytime! We look forward to answering any questions about Red Angus, our genetics, or our program.

Jack & Roxie Janssen
1825 Ave X
Geneseo, KS   67444
Home: 620-824-6426
cell:    620-562-7041
e-mail: janssen@hometelco.net

Travis & Delane Janssen
Wade, Pate, and Case
1835 Ave Y
Geneseo, KS   67444
home: 620-824-6492
cell:    620-562-8361
e-mail: tdjanssen@hometelco.net